Shipping & Returns

MasterCut Dental has provided these terms of use for our Shipping & Returns policy. Please read these terms carefully. If you have any questions about our Shipping & Returns policy, please call us at 833-Buy-Burs (833-289-2877).

Standard Payment Terms

International customers: Prepaid

US customers: Credit Cards are accepted for all purchases. 30 day net available, pending credit approval. Invoices are past due after 30 days from billing date.


Freight is F.O.B. Origin. Mastercut Dental offers daily service with FedEx and UPS. Shipments made
Pre-Pay & a $25.00 handling fee for international shipments. We are also happy to utilize any
freight carrier when shipping on a collect or third-party account with no additional handling fee.

Return Policy

We do not accept returns on items which we do not maintain in stock. Returns are subject to a 25% re-stocking fee. Items must be returned in original packaging. No returns on specials. No returns will be accepted beyond 2 months from date of shipment.

Additional Offerings

Special Tooling for your Requirements
When you need a nonstandard tool for a specific job, give us a call. Requirements for special tooling or
modifications of existing standard items will be given prompt, expert attention.